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Terms of


  • All payments are in USD, through PAYPAL.

  • Refunds are NOT allowed.

  • All commissioned works are for personal use only.

  • If you would like to purchase commercial rights, an additional 50% to 200%, depending on the project, will be added to the total price.

  • Edits will be charged if I was not given all the necessary info before  starting.

  • I will only begin drawing after payment has been made in full or a percentage upfront if discussed.

  • All commissioned artworks might be uploaded to my art accounts.

Will not


  • R18 (artistic nudity is OK)

  • Fetish art

  • Political themes



  • Email me your request along with image references. A mood board is best if you'd like something specific.

  • After I accept the request and a price is agreed on, I will send you a Paypal invoice and full upfront payment is needed. For commissions above 300$ we can arrange a 50% before and 50% after.

  • I will send you a sketch to check. You may ask for changes during this stage. After it's been approved, I will proceed to rough colours. (For simpler pieces, we may omit the rough colour stage and go straight to finalising.)

  • Final artwork. You may request for small/minor changes once. For any big or additional changes, you will be charged extra.

Rights &


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  • I have the right to post the commissioned artworks on my art accounts. If you want it to be a private commission, a 20% additional fee is required.

  • As the client, you may use the art as your profile pic, icon, and print for PERSONAL uses only. 

  • You may NOT use it for monetary profit.

  • You may NOT take credit for the artwork.

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